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Baba & Mama Palmhouse

Like many good stories, Palmhouse dairies began with a determined team of two. We like to call them our power couple – Baba & Mama Palmhouse.

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Back in 1996, they began dairy farming with only 1 cow. Soon they had 10 cows and way too much milk for their young family! They began to distribute this excess milk in popular restaurants, ferrying it from Githunguri, a small rural town, to Nairobi every morning.

They soon decided to take a leap of faith and set up a factory, which was just in time for the liberalization of the milk sector in Kenya. Little did they know this dream would supply hundreds of people daily with nutritious dairy products, totally change the outlook of their small rural town and even support over 100 families with employment over the years.

As they say many good things start small. As the dairy business grew and they gained a foothold in the corporate and institutional market, their hearts began to go out to the plight of many in their small rural town still stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty. Margaret had people regularly coming to her office asking for assistance with school fees. Inspired, they took another leap of faith and set up a CSR arm of the dairy. They began by educating 4 bright deserving students through high school. This eventually evolved into Palmhouse Foundation that since 2002 has educated and mentored over 1000 secondary students through high school!

Palmhouse dairies is committed to driving customer focus, community impact and employee value.

Palmhouse Foundation