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The journey to a delicious natural dairy product always begins with the cows. We work hand in hand with our farmers to help them nourish their cows carefully so that they produce a rich and nutritious raw milk that provides the base for our products.

At Palmhouse, we can confidently boast that our dairy products are truly natural and wholesome. With only 6 hours between milking and packing of our fresh milk, we can assure you that you are getting a dairy product that is free from preservatives and additives.
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Fresh Milk

We pride ourselves in processing only 100% fresh milk and we do this by rigorously testing our milk every day to ensure that it was freshly milked that very morning! This allows us to create a rich, silky milk that is full of healthy goodness and perfectly balanced. A fresh milk that you can share with your loved ones unreservedly.

Skimmed Milk

Our skimmed milk is packed with nutrients whilst also low in fat and calories. It is all the goodness of milk without the butterfat. It offers a light refreshing milk that you for all your kitchen needs.

Barista Milk

Who doesn't love a perfectly frothed cappuccino? I know we do! Our barista milk has been formulated to ensure it gives you a creamy, frothy cappuccino every single time. It has been crafted over time to deliver that perfect balance needed to create extraordinary coffees.

Drinking Yogurt

Our strawberry and vanilla drinking yogurt is a nutritious and refreshing drink that is suitable for any time of day. It contains active live cultures that have been proven to be great for your gut. Our yogurts are low in added sugars and do not contain any artificial preservatives, making them great as an on the go snack or for a growing child's school bag. This tasty goodness comes in sizes of 100ml, 150ml, 250ml 500ml, 1lt and 5lt packaging

Creamy Yogurt

This is the creme de la creme of yogurt; a thick, velvety yogurt that is bursting with fruity flavours. Made with only the best raw milk and infused with active live cultures, a cup will leave you smiling and satisfied.


Palmhouse Mala is like no other; smooth, tangy and robust. It makes the perfect health drink and is a great accompaniment to your cooking and baking adventures. It has been known to make a decadent chocolate cake that has been enjoyed and approved by the masses. Try out the recipe here

Fresh Cream

We know that fresh cream is the height of decadence and we work hard to bring you a delicious double cream with up to 35% butterfat and no additives. Not only does it whip perfectly and smoothly, it adds a rich, creamy flavour to all your cooking and baking.